MSC Philanthropic Project: The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

In November, the Michigan State Council contributed three decorated trees as part of the Festival of Trees fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. As far as I know, the trees that we submitted were priced at $50 apiece. The Blue and Gold tabletop tree was sold when I was volunteering the last day of the event. I never saw the Sun tabletop tree so I am assuming that it was sold before the last two days of the event. I don't know about the outcome of the Zoo Animal tree, but I do know that it was very well received.

Thank you, all, who contributed your time and effort or any ornaments. Thank you, also, to all who volunteered at this charity event. I know for certain that the Festival's management was impressed. However, I haven't heard from Denise McDonald, in charge of the trees, about the end results or how much money was raised. I do know that they were elated to sell all the tall decorated trees.

Finally, I just want to say: Keep giving your support and keep representing ESA!

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Barb Hansen